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Moscow Studio of Animated Films «АА Studio»

Moscow Studio of Animated Films «АА Studio» was founded in 2010. The main activity is creating and producing animation projects by a talented animator team on modern technologies basis. Our first project was “Tishka the train” animated series, produced with the support of “Russia-1” TV channel for “Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi!” Russian prime-time show, which is also on active rotation on “Carousel” Federal nationwide TV-channel. In 2014 after successful launch of the first part, the studio released “Tishka the train. New adventures” as continuation of the series with more exciting stories and locations, as well as started production of a new project – “Rabbit’s 10” animated series about summer camp for little animals.

Main office:

Phone: +7 (499) 270-58-67


Address: Russia, Moscow 117447, Dmitria Ulianova str. 31



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