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Trains. New adventures / 46 X 5'

About Trains. New adventures / 46 X 5'

The continuation is rapidly evolving; many new locations and exciting characters appear in the second season. The heroes now travel a lot both in reality and imagination. They play, imagine and their childish phantasy takes them to the Moon, under water or to the past.
Our heroes meet fairy three-headed dragon, which is greatly alike friends’ company of Sam-Sparkey, Arnold and Fantastik. The latter unexpectedly appear on the Moon as sleepwalkers-aliens.
The variety of entertainments and events in Train City reflects on heroe’s current appearance as well. Sunday bests and imagination change their appearance to complete unrecognizable- Ethan becomes an armored train, at his old age train Grandpa Billy becomes the Nightingale the Robber and funny troley becomes in gorgeous princess frog.
Snowfalls, terrible storms, airless space and underwater world with numerous inhabitants, stone age, era of jousting tournaments and musketeer battles, world of fairy tales make the stories of new season episodes especially exciting for young audience.

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